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Dealers' Firearms Record Book
This book meets all the BATF record-keeping requirements.
Special design allows 21 inches of writing room across both pages
for complete, READABLE records for 500 firearm entries.

Interchangeable Ammunition Record Book
This book has room for 750 retail sales transactions 
plus BATF list of interchangeable cartridges.

The Gun Trader's Bookkeeping System
This book is designed to help the small and part-time dealer claim his
legal tax deductions. An easy-to-use system which combines the records
they SHOULD keep for the IRS and those he MUST keep for BATF.

The Gunsmith's Record Book
This book is designed to meet the special needs of the gunsmith for records he must keep
for BATF plus those he should keep as a business man. Covers over 700 repair entries.

Blackpowder Record Book
This book developed with help from BATF people so you can have the simplest-to-keep
records of acquisition, sales plus a unique running inventory system. 24 Months of pages.

Personal Firearms Record Book
Developed especially for gun collectors, it has space forcomplete records 
on 56 guns with space for information onmake, serial number, caliber, condition, 
date of purchase, etc.  A "must" for every gun collector's personal gun records.

$3.25/each or $24.85/dozen

 Personal Small Game Record Book
$3.00/each or $21.60/dozen

Permanent Firearms Bill-Of-Sale Record Book
This book creates a legal document for the sale of a firearm, that
protects both buyer and seller. Contains 50 special bill-of-sale forms,
perforated copies and carbon paper. For use by dealers and collectors.

$5.75/each or 2/$10.35

How to Operate a Profitable 
Firearms Business

(No Picture)

This pamphlet will outline the steps you need to take for the Federally
licensed firearms dealer, the  profit opportunities which exist in the
firearms market and suggest ways in which you can profit from them.

Whether your dealership is a full time shop or department;
or a part-time venture, the idea is to present you with what you need
to know to make the kind of business judgments it takes to succeed.

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Blackpowder Record Book
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